Two Reviews of Between Dixie and Zion

I’m happy to share excerpts from two reviews of Between Dixie and Zion.

Yaakov Ariel reviewed BDZ in the 2020 volume of Southern Jewish History:

Between Dixie and Zion is impressive in the extent and depth of its research. Unearthing a large array of primary sources and refusing to follow convention perceptions, Robins weaves a fresh and complex portrayal of Baptist images of and involvement with Palestine and its peoples….Students of religion in America will therefore find Robins’s book highly instructive. They will join readers who are interested in the history of Christianity and the Holy Land, as well as the development of Christian attitudes towards Jews, Zionism, Arabs, Muslims, and Eastern Christianity.”

Eric Newberg reviewed it in the Autumn 2020 issue of the Journal of Church and State:

“…for those seeking a meticulously researched account of formative encounters of Southern Baptists that shaped their perspectives on the question of Palestine, this book is just that and more. It makes a significant and judicious contribution to the body of scholarship of the engagement of evangelical Christians with the complexities of Israel/Palestine.”

I’ve learned a lot from the work of both of these scholars in studying American evangelical engagement with Jews and Zionism over the years, so I am very grateful to have my own work so thoughtfully reviewed by them.

If you want to buy Between Dixie and Zion, try here or here or here. If you’re looking to borrow it, start here.