New Review of BDZ

Jackson Reinhardt has offered a thorough and generous review of Between Dixie and Zion in the Alabama Review. Here’s a brief excerpt:

“…this text is a fantastic academic resource. Robins’ careful and expert analysis of primary sources–from small Baptist newspapers to presidential recollections–and secondary sources on all manner of topics–Palestinian history, Jewish history, history of Baptists, evangelicals, and Christian Zionism–is highly commendable. His emphasis on how personal, contextual encounters shape theological and ideological commitments of anti-/pro-Zionism should be seriously considered and employed by future histories focusing on American Christian perspectives on Palestine. Rather than merely reciting the prevailing political and theological positions of a given period from merely established scholars and authorities, following Robins’s method can provide future histories on Christian Zionism with all the nuance, complexity, and problematics a denominational missionary, leader, and layperson encounters.”

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